Streaming has taken over so quickly because that’s how we work. People are always going to be searching for more efficient, cheaper, easier alternatives, so it is just a no-brainer to hop on this rapidly growing trend. Several ideas from class made me think more in-depth about the project. We talked of the Model T production line, which could be produced easier and more efficiently and thus cost consumers less money. The Model T was the blueprint for the idea for moving on to quicker, easier, cheaper technology and I definitely believe that it has a role in why we chose to stream today.

We also discussed leisure time in class, which allows for us to have this time to actually sit and enjoy the little things that we now take for granted. Without the revolution of leisure time, none of us would have the time to make listening to music a hobby. Leisure time gave rise to the idea of having hobbies, relaxing, etc., and many people make hobbies or relax to music, which is now easier than ever in the streaming era.

I think one of the biggest connections with class is how our ever-evolving technology allows for it to infiltrate our lives more than we might be comfortable with. In one of my blogs I talked about how Apple Music features a ‘For You’ section, which lists music that the app thinks you should listen to based entirely off of what you have downloaded or listened to in the past. While this may seem like a harmless and innocent technique used to show you more music that you may love, it definitely shows that these companies are keeping tabs on us and gathering private information when we may not exactly realize it. It just makes one wonder what else these apps could be keeping track of beyond just what we listen to.

All in all, I decided to do my project on this simply because I enjoy listening to music so much. However, I found through writing the blog posts and thinking about connections in class just how important and relevant streaming is. Not just the act of streaming music, but the behavior as to why we’ve largely moved onto this is now very fascinating to me. It only makes sense seeing how less expensive and more efficient it is. It’s like we humans are systematically programmed to latch on to the newest technologies (if we decide it is worth it) and it makes me very curious to see where things will go even after the streaming era. I can’t even think of what would come after streaming, but if this project has taught me anything, its that something will disrupt the industry eventually, and we will flock to it as long as it is worth it.













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